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This was from Eclipse june 2010
all of the girls and some guys from
work go every time a new Twilight
movie comes out! The last one is
Breaking Dawn part two and I will be
sad when it is over.....


Went to the midnite showing of Breaking Dawn thursday with co workers! It was a blast I love the Twilight series and I love the Edward Bella Jacob saga! Its an eternal love story with a vampire a frail beautiful girl and a hunky shirtless werewolf! Whats not to love !!LOL
Anway we went to union grill for dinner and drinks first
I dont drink much anymore (and especially not drink and drive)
but its just fun to get out and be with friends!


Spring 2010 New Windows Coming Soon!

WOW! I havent written anything all winter sorry bout that!

Ive been cozying up reading alot & working 5days a week at

TheGreenery. Petsitting typically slows down after ThanksGiving

but spring is coming so Im starting to get booked up again! YAY!

Im getting new windows in my home this year so Ill post some

pictures of before & after should be nice to not worry about

the wind like I have the past 15yrs Ive lived in this old house...

Heres a photo of my home Ill post more later......


Its Hott out there!~

Very busy time of year for petsitting! Right now I have 3 of my favorite dogs though so its great! Baxter is with me all month and Rocco and Brigette are here for they July 24th week! Here are some pictures of them they are all so well behaved and just kinda follow me around all day not that I mind! Its bloody hott outside doing yardwork is like being in a furnace man!!! Well better than being cooped up in the winter I always say! Happy Summer Everyone!~


SummerTime 2009

Bitsy And Sophie Taking a much needed nap (Bitsy is afraid of the phone)
So she tries to hide when i take her picture! Ive had 5 dogs continuously
all month Petsitting business is picking up yay!!


Summer Daze (Days)

This is My darling lovable best friend and companion in the whole world Teekee. When Im relaxing at night reading or watching tv she always lays right next to me sometimes sits on my lap. when I got to bed shes right there on my legs or she'll burror under the pillow next to my tummy its so cute! I know Im going to have to live without her someday I just hope that day never comes.....:(


New Carpet in Da house!!

Gosh its been awhile since I bought anything NEW so last week I got new carpet in livingroom hallway and both bedrooms yay!!! There goes my tax refund oh well least its paid for right! I got maroon burgundy with rose print in the livingroom and dusty rose pink in bedrooms love it all it looks amazing! My dad joked I have to keep the dogs off it ya right ha ha hopefully they wont potty on it now that its a new scent and theres potty pads for the ones with trouble should be good for another 10 yrs I hope. Next project is a patio for the backyard and maybe some slate stone in the front and hopefully a new kitchen counter by the end of this year......


Hurry SummerTime!!~

  1. Just being winter time bored thought id add
  2. a picture of myself bak in the summertime
  3. when i had a nice tan and didnt have to wear
  4. leggins! Cant wait for summer!!!


**Christmas Blizzard!**

This is Blizzie she was my Christmas companion

she is a Min American Eskimo and boy is she fun!

She loves to run and romp in the fresh powder

and bark at anything that moves ! But when she's

inside with me she follows me around mellow as can

be and looks at me like Im fascinating (must be a dog thing)

First time Ive petsat her and I fell in love (that happens alot with me!)

Merri Christmas To All

Have A Safe & Happi New Year!~


I Love Edward!*

By Far the best most romantic fun & adventurous movie ive ever seen!

The chemistry between Bella and Edward is undeniable!! Love loved loved it!

The books were good...the movie is phenomenal!!


Holiday Petsitting

Well Im getting booked for the holidays as far as dogs go and Im actually going to take in some reptiles next week too! Two bearded dragons! You should see the looks I get when I tell people that LOL! Of course if i can help it I wont be letting them out of their cages duh not like theyre gonna cuddle with me on the couch or nuttin! Just turn their lights on n off and feed them live cricketts(yuck!) the things us single girls do for money eh !!!


"A Dog is the only thing on this earth that

loves you more than he loves himself."


Election 08

I know alot of you dont agree with me on this so i dont talk about it at work but since Im a conservative and most my views agree with that Im hoping for John McCain and Sara Palin for the presidency (fingers crossed folks!) God Bless us all not matter who wins tho I think this country is going to shit in a handbasket LOL :(


GoodBye Summer

Hi Friends

Well summer is coming to an end ive been sooo busy working at The Greenery and taking care of dogs I didnt have time to do much else! Of course theres always lots of yardwork and housestuff going on I did manage to replant both sides of the driveway with new perennials and solar lites it was alot of work digging it out and the whole landscaping thing all by myself in 100 degree heat ugh! Turned out ok cept i still have a problem with crabgrass in the front wish i could find a way to kill it for good it seems to grow back no matter what I put on it. Other than that things have been quiet for me this year, I dont have time to date much ...havent really met anyone worth dating ha ha

Looking fwd to fall and cooler weather I like that time of year!


Help The Animals

Ok so Im watching Animal Planet and this animal cops show is on. I love this show but at the same time I hate it! I cant stand to see the underweight demaciated horses and abandoned dogs and cats! Just makes my blood boil!! Part of why I do what I do is because I love animals I love taking care of them I love knowing theyre safe and warm with full tummy's. It's hard not to cry watching the things some people do to animals especially ones they own. If you have animals for gods sake take care of them!!Or give them to someone who me ha ha
OKOK someday Im going to live on a farm and adopt as many animals as I can this is my lifelong dream and I only hope I live to see it one day. Help any animal any time you can its the christian godlike thing to do and they need us.....



This Is Rocco He's a puppy
but very sweet and easygoing!
He likes to walk around with a bone practically bigger than him and growl its soooo cute!!
Definitely one of my favorite dogs! Isn't he adorable!


Snuggles & Stitches

Two of the mellowest sweetest dogs Ive had! Not hyper at all altho there breed generally is they are very well behaved and just follow me around everywhere I go!
Stitches is so cute she likes to burrow under the covers at night and Snugs just kind of looks at you like "What the helk ya doin?" I love these 2 tonz!

Teekee Mommy's Angel

Brutus & Princess

These are two of the sweetest smartest most obidient dogs you'll ever meet!!
Im not sure if they're related but they play together all the time and are never far apart. Both very obidient (I like that!) and never have any problems with them whatsoever! I usually dont tend large dogs but these two and this breed are the exception to that rule!



Cute Little Baxter...Ive had him alot this summer, he likes to roam free!! Every chance he gets!!! which means I have to watch him very carefully! He thinks its a fun game to run away when you try to pik him up to take him inside or to put him out. He's a little pill sometimes but other than that I adore this dog!! he's very passive and just kinda "hangs out." He rarely barks so if he does I know someone is outside which is a good thing. He's playful in a sweet tender boy way, very cute dog....Oh ya he likes to knock over garbage cans to see whats inside too.. little shit....


A little About Me! Yipee

Hi Im Jennie ! Im here to show off my petsitting business and I love it! Ive been in business now for almost 5 years;and it gets better every year. Im keeping it small intentionally, mainly because I still work part time, but alot because I like to be able to give each dog individual attention they cant get in a kennel. I like to spend time with each dog playing talking walking .whatever theyre into that makes them feel happy and loved. Its located in my home with a safe secure backyard and lots of room to run and play. They are kept inside at night of course and never left out long during the day! Always supervised! Anyway thanks for reading my blog if you have friends and/or family with small dogs please let them know about me and feel free to visit my website or email any questions you might have! &


Summer Fun

June 2008
Teekee Baxter & Bitsy
Hangin out in the backyard
Man it's fun here with
all these other puppies
to play with !!

Princess Penelope


She's the one her mommy and me call 'persnickety!" She's very sensitive and

sweet but set in her ways! If you go anywhere NEAR her food she'll tell you to back off boy howdy! It's kinda funny to watch such a sweet little dog show her teeth and protect her food!

Other than that she's very obidient and loving likes to be next to you all the time. I watch her alot during the year and its always fun for me

I think she enjoys the time spent with other dogs as long as they stay away from her doggie dish!

Cute Lil JayDee

She's a Pomeranian also a little smaller and alot yappier than Duke! She's very sweet and playful likes to be the center of attention! But she's very obidient and smart she'll even shake yer hand with her paw if you give her a treat!

Big Boy Duke

Duke, Hes an Idaho
Pomeranian which means
he's bred a little bigger
than most of that breed
he's got a beautiful red
fur and is a very lovable attentive
dog. He's been coming to
stay with me for 4yrs now
and was one of my 1st clients


This Is Brigette, she's a Maltese.
She's a very small dog and spoiled!!
Her mommy gives her ground beef and eggs
everyday because of her
sensitive stomach so I do my best
to ablige, its no trouble really and I
only want whats best for all the
dogs I tend. Shes a very loving
and sweet dog.She's so small I
like to walk around holding her!


Aww this is Bitsy my little Cotton DeTeur I have her several times a year and she is an absolute doll! Always happy always up and friendly she wants toplay with everyone! Sweet sweet dog I adore her.